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The Week that PLN’s Took Over My Life



Wow!  This final assignment is kicking my butt!  Week 4 was all about PLN (Personal Learning Network).  Nothing else took up my time.  I bet you all were in the same boat.  I literally was stuck on trying to figure out the differences between a PLN and a social media site.  It seriously seems to be the same to me!  I can follow and friend fellow educators on Facebook.  I can get their ideas from Twitter.  Maybe, get a lesson plan or two from their blog.  So what is the difference?  Is there a difference?


I had a tough time with my choice of presentation as well.  Maybe, I am just a perfectionist.  Maybe, I just need to say that I am doing good enough instead of spending hours agonizing over every little thing.  Sigh…


I honestly can’t remember anything else that was reviewed this week except for PLN.  Now that we have our breakout session coming up in class on Wednesday, I have to start looking into creating my own PLN.  I see that a lot of my classmates already have a PLN.  Coming into this program, I got nada.  I’m starting, though.


So, do I think having a PLN is worth it?  I can definitely see its advantages.  I can swap ideas with seasoned educators.  I can have connections that may possibly give me opportunities later down the line.  What’s not to like about this?  I think that I am at a disadvantage when it comes to having a PLN seeing as I am not a regular teacher at a school and that I basically really don’t know anyone in the ETEC program.  I am hoping that by this time, next year, I will have a PLN that I can be proud of.  What that will entail, I am not sure, yet.  But I am sure I will know when it gets to that point.



Below is my PLN mindmap:












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3 thoughts on “The Week that PLN’s Took Over My Life

  1. Hi Kuuipo,

    I like your picture…how true is that? I’ve really had to limit myself on Pinterest while in this program, that is, until this assignment. I had to look at who I was following so I could put those people in my mind map. Of course, I couldn’t just look at the whos, I had to look at what they pinned. Through Laura Candler, I saw that Shelly Terrell is conducting a webinar to share resources for incorporating audio and listening tools into your classroom. It happens on August 17. Check out this link if interested: http://live.classroom20.com/. From that link, I was able to find them on iTunesU. That’s how build my PLN all the time. Just Pinterest alone has so much on there; that’s the reason I have to limit myself. After all, we have so much other homework besides building our PLN.

    Before this assignment, I didn’t know that I was already building a PLN that focused on technology and elementary education. However, I wanted to share with you that before this program, I was following crafters. I definitely have a PLN for that already…Facebook, Blogs, and let’s not forget, Pinterest!

    Aloha, Annette

  2. Hi Kuuipo,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about having a hard time trying to figure out this whole PLN business too. Coming into this course, I did not know anyone in the program (funny thing is I only knew Bert from working with him in Japan), and I was very unfamiliar with many of the social media tools we learned and used. It took me some time to determine the differences between all the social media sites and what exactly a personal learning network was. After finally seeing it’s a connection of various sites, tools, and other resources, I can see the value and benefits of developing a PLN for myself too.

    You are definitely not alone in going through this class with those thoughts and questions in your head, as I share those same ones. Good luck putting together your PLN, and I look forward to seeing it later this week. BTW, I like your picture on the post!


  3. You are not alone. I’m only “observing” the course so there’s a lot less pressure for me to have a finished assignment within this incredibly short timeline but I’m serious about committing enough time to do the actual learning. I think that what you’re experiencing is the difference between merely becoming aware of the concept and actually performing and using the new thing. So if it’s any consolation, your uneasiness is a symptom, of your actual learning beyond just becoming aware.

    Regarding difference between a PLN and a social media site, I think of the social media site(s) as the infrastructure and technology and the PLN as your personal relationships and interactions that are carried upon the technology. BTW, your stuff is great and I enjoy the various perspectives that each of the classmates bring -not to mention admiring the considerable effort folks are putting into their assignments.

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