It is what it is. Right?


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Last stretch, people!!!  Woohooo!

This class has been so…  I can’t even find the words.  The amount of knowledge that I have picked up is so vast that I am so glad that I have this blog to chronicle my journey!  I think the best way to learn is actually go out and do it!  This class pretty much was just that (at least for me).  

Before this summer, I thought I knew enough about social media.  After this class, I have to come to the conclusion that I didn’t know JACK!  But, hey!  I’m in school again to learn & learn, I will.  Can’t wait for the fall!!!  (I may have a different opinion in a few weeks.)


Author: kuuipod

Mom, teacher, hopeful.

One thought on “LAST WEEK!!!!

  1. I totally agree with you Kuuipod. I think the idea of creating a blog to post our weekly assignments is a good idea. In fact, maintaining posting in the same blog over 6 weeks is in itself a learning experience.

    I have created blogs before, however, i have never thought of maintaining this type of online presence. I am on the same boat, i thought before this class that i knew more about social media tools, but, when we started the class, it become apparent that i needed to learn more about its integration and use in education.

    This class pretty much succeeded in introducing us to the use of social media tools in education. It has also introduced us to PLNs that helped us learn more about the use of social media tools to extend our personal learning networks.

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