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What now?

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Woke up this morning and had the strangest feeling.  I couldn’t pinpoint it.  It’s like I was forgetting something.  I checked my calendar.  Nope, nothing scheduled.  Hmmm.  Did I have to register for my classes?  No, did that yesterday.  Asked my daughters, texted my hubby, “Did I need to do something for you today?”  All them answered no.  I started to get paranoid.  Maybe a bill needed to be paid?  Did I forget a lunch date?  No and no.  Start up my laptop, opened WordPress to check on the assignments – that’s when it hit me up.    I wasn’t missing anything, I am done.  WE ARE DONE!  Class is over.  There is no team assignment due, no reviews, no required weekly response.  I am really done.  WE are really done.  Wow!  These past 6 weeks were just so quick, fast, like a bullet.  Seriously!  Anyone else feel like it was just a blur?  

So why I am blogging?  It’s not required.  I don’t really have a topic.  So, why?  I’m not sure. When we were first assigned to sign up for a blog, I was really reluctant.  What do I write about?  Will anyone read it (besides those who are forced to)?  Will it be any good?  After a few times, I surprised myself and really got into it.  It’s almost cathartic.  

So, what now?  Will I keep up with this blog now that’s it’s not part of a grade?  You know what?  I think I will.  I think that I am lucky.  I met some awesome people in all different stages of the ETEC program.  I learned a lot.  With me just starting in ETEC, I can use this as a journal chronicling my journey.  I can measure how much I have learned and how far I have come.  At the beginning of this summer, I thought I knew, what’s the word I’m looking for, stuff.  After taking ETEC 442, then ETEC 642, I found that I didn’t know close to JACK!  Hopefully, I will be able to look back and go, “Wow!  Look at all the things I learned!  Look at the awsome PLN!  It’s HUGE now.”  

So, for those of you who were kind enough to read my thoughts and insights, I thank you.  Seriously.  And if you are still curious as to where my journey will lead me or just think I’m funny, I hope you continue to stay and watch where this takes me.


Author: kuuipod

Mom, teacher, hopeful.

One thought on “What now?

  1. Hey Kuʻuipo!

    Yes, this course was such a fast pace that each week you are wondering what needs to get done this week from last week. Thanks for all you hard work and postings here on your blog. You have grown from someone who didnʻt really have that community to one who could lead one.
    I believe if you are able to continue this blog each week, you will have a great story to tell about your ETEC journey over the next few years.
    Good Luck!

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