It is what it is. Right?

About Me

What is there to say?

My name is Ku‘uipo DeRego.  This is my first official blog that I have that’s not for random stuff.  I created this blog for my ETEC 642 class, but I kind of like it.  I’m still learning how to use WordPress so please be forgiving.

The name of my blog is S-O-C-K-S, it is what it is.  Get it?  If you took Spanish, you might.  When you spell out socks, in spanish, you are saying, “eso si que es.”  It is what it is.  Funny, right?

I have been married almost 17 years (7/21/96) to my adorable hubby.  We have 3 daughters, 2 that are teenagers.  (Prayers and well wishes accepted.)  I used to teach kindergarten, but due to a bad car accident and spinal surgery, I just sub at Kamehameha now.  I seem to be a very popular sub there.  Not sure why, I am really strict.

I love all Harry Potter, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, and more geeky things that I would care to mention.  Pinterest is my addiction, but Google+ is moving up there.

This is my first time back in school since graduating with my BS in Elementary Ed and Special Ed, so I’m a little rusty.  I will be starting the ETEC program next month, but jumped right into it this summer in hopes of graduating early.  So if it seems like I’m clueless, you’re probably right.  I accept and will ask for help, I have no shame.

I know that trying to condense my 40 years of life into a short blog page is ridiculous, so I won’t.  This is me!

If you would like a bigger glimpse into my life, you can check me out here:






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