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Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought – Onion Talks – Ep. 6

Someone shared this with me.  I’m not sure if I should laugh or…



Final Project, Assignment #1


     Over the period of three days, July 25 – July 28, 2013, I put out a survey regarding social media for this class.  The survey was sent out through the use of Facebook, text, email, and Twitter.  My target group was college students and adult learners.  I got over 100 responses.  The information that I got back was that Facebook was the overwhelming favorite social media site.  Out of the 107 people who completed the survey, 105 used Facebook.

 How does it relate?

         I think that these results definitely show that social media is a part of our daily lives.  The availability of the Internet through so many mediums definitely helps promote the use of the various social media sites.  The use of the social media sites isn’t being used for just keeping up with your cousin who lives in New York.  Teachers are beginning to reach out through these sites to reach their students.  We are at a time where the regular classroom setting of chalkboards and textbooks are gone.  Usher in the digital age and Web 2.0.  If we want to really get our students to learn, we need to teach on their level.  Let’s flip those classrooms!  Don’t just have them write down their assignments, let’s use Remind 101!  Mashable has a great ‘How to’ for teachers entering the social media ring.


The rise of Facebook’s popularity has not shown any signs of slowing down.  According to Alexa, the web company that monitors Internet traffic globally, Facebook is ranked #1.  It is the most visited site in the world.  (Rankings are on a month-to-month basis.)  If you are looking to only social media sites, Twitter is next, followed by LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.  My survey results agree with Facebook ruling all, but that’s about it.

Infographic for my survey can be found here.


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Tweet, tweet, tweet…

I have never, ever thought that I would hear someone tell me that I should Tweet more.  And then, I took this class.  Social media was at the heart of week 3.  Social media – I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I enjoy being able to connect with friends who are far away.  I like the fact  that I can take this class online, without leaving my house, to sit in my pajamas, is a beautiful thing!  I hate that this kind of opportunity, makes it easy for people to bully others with the push of the “post” button.  (We are currently dealing with this issue right now with one of my daughters.  To think, one post, can bring such a hurtful feelings.)  I guess we need to learn to take the good with the bad.

I enjoyed reading and viewing the team assignments.  It is evident that social media is here to stay.  I found that out from that the final assignment survey that I sent out.  Wow!  It’s like a drug, isn’t it.  Once you are addicted, that’s it.  We will connect any chance we get.  iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop!

Going back to Twitter…  I was looking through the blog posts and I came across Kellen’s week 3 post (that can be found here Kellen’s Week 3).  His comparison between Twitter and the beauty shop/barbershop is hilarious!  It’s true!  I don’t often get my hair done (if we could do that online, I would), but when I do, it is like Twitter!  I may not know any of the people my stylist is referring to but hearing all about what they wore, how their hair was styled, how silly they looked, is so interesting.  I don’t have much of a life, people, so this gossip can be really entertaining!  JUST LIKE TWITTER!

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Week 2, I’m in Deep



See me?  Neither can I.  I might have sunk that deep out there.  You know how they say when learning a language, it’s best to just immerse yourself into it?  Well, this is me, learning the language of social media.  During week 2, I’m in deep.

  • What new technology and concepts did I learn this week?

What did I learn this week?  I learned that years of multitasking have made me a pro at filtering out distractions. With today’s distractions and popups, it’s up to me to figure out what is junk and what is opportunity.  I am my own Spam filter!

  • What excited me about the week’s activities? Why?

I was very excited to work with my new group.  I wanted to see what kind of things they could show me.  I was not disappointed.  I have learned to use an infogr.am.  I messed around with a popplet.  (It reminded me of those popup videos on VH-1 from the 90’s.)  I was introduced to a Prezi!  I think I like it.  Being so out of the loop these past years, I have this feeling of rejuvenation.  I can’t wait to start using these tools more!

  • Which of the week’s activities helped me to understand emerging technologies better? Why?

Our team project helped me see what social media means to us in ways I didn’t even realize.  I never really thought of Facebook and Twitter as a way to change the world.  I knew that a lot of social causes are promoted through these tools, but I didn’t really see what a huge effect it had on Hurricane Sandy.  Whether it was to convey safety or to sign up to aid in relief, it played its part to relay information to people not in the region.

  • Which of the week’s activities was least useful to me? Why? 

I don’t think there was anything that wasn’t useful.  Because a lot of this information is new to me, I believe that all of this is useful to me!  I am a sponge soaking up all this information!

  • How can the week’s activities be strengthened?

 I think that if we had more time for our activities, I would be able to become more familiar with each of the different tools.  I understand that we have to move quickly and multitask because it is a condensed course, but I just have to make it a point to continue to go back and practice what I learned.

  • What new insights and problem solving strategies did I realize during discussions or while working with others?

This past week, I was able to work with Tuyet and Nina.  I thought that might be a bit of a challenge.  Nina was on the mainland visiting family and Tuyet was on Kauai.  After our class on Wednesday, we were able to work out a plan, assign our parts, and finish our project!  We did have to make changes (which web presentation tool to use), but we overcame! 

  • What would I like to learn more about? Why?

 I would like to learn more about web presentation tools.  For so long, I have been using PowerPoint, it’s just amazing to see what else is out there.  The more interactive the presentation, the better the retention for the audience. 


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Longest week?

         Anyone else like this felt like this was the longest week ever?  I did.  It was so busy.  Thursday had me running around all day.  I had one child’s performance at her school from 4:30 – 5:30 pm.  And another child was performing at her school at 6:00 pm.  Never mind that I was up from 5:30 am.  We didn’t get home until 9:30 pm.  It seriously felt like the day would never end.  When I woke up on Friday, I couldn’t believe that my week wasn’t over yet!  Friday was all 3 girls’ last day of summer school.  Woohoo!  Just pick everyone up and let the days of rest begin.  Nope, oldest had an executive meeting for her senior class at 3:00 pm.  Grrrrr!  Finally get home and just want to hang out and watch TV.  Nope, hubby made plans to celebrate our 17 year wedding anniversary all weekend long.  Can I postpone, please?  Ha!  Like I would ever say that outloud.  I thought it – for like a millisecond.  I had a wonderful weekend that culminated in dinner with our girls, my first taste of f’real, and a picture of us under a full moon.  Amazing!  (pc: Karli DeRego w/ Allison DeRego’s camera)